“Created as an ode to the gracious hosts who’ve welcomed me into their private existence over the years, resulting in some of my most enriching and cherished experiences in art, wine and design.”

What We Offer:

bullet-pointCurated excursions that are sure to deliver unforgettable experiences

bullet-pointContemporary art immersions

bullet-pointExpert-led tours at leading international art fairs with a professional approach to engaging with contemporary art

bullet-pointAccess to Exclusive Artist Talks and Studio Visits

bullet-pointCurated conversations on trends in collecting contemporary African, African-American, Caribbean and Latin American Art

bullet-pointExceptional excursions to some of the greatest wine regions in France

bullet-pointTours to Grands Crus Châteaux from the finest appellations

bullet-pointTasting and cooking classes, gourmet dining in renowned restaurants or prestigious chateaux

bullet-pointLuxury barge cruises through bucolic European countrysides

bullet-pointHelicopter flights over vineyards